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What makes a business big?

Usually the goal of every business is to become a large corporate that serves a large number of people repeatedly on a large scale. For example Tata, Reliance, or Unilever. Every small business dreams of becoming a corporate like these one day and therefore they are told to and they try to imitate these corporates.

Why should corporates act like a small business?

However, if you observe, it is the other way round; today corporates are trying to act like small businesses. That is the need of the hour. Why? Because following are the things that you will get only from a Small Business. You can’t get these from a Corporate:

  1. The owner is only one call away from the Customer.
  2. These businesses are agile, they can change and adapt quickly based on the needs of their customers.
  3. The businesses owners are clever and skillful. They can personalize their service in a way the corporates cannot.
  4. Small businesses are generous.
  5. The businesses owners are good listeners and they deliver what they promise.

Why are small businesses a role model?

A good small business is indispensable, someone that you would miss if not available. They are an important part of someone’s day or someone’s business or someone’s life. That is not easy to accomplish. You are not going to accomplish it by simply producing something that a Corporate can produce about a couple of rupees cheaper. You are going to accomplish it only by touching and enhancing the lives of the people.

There is something about what these tiny businesses do and how they do it that really connects with people and that is the basic human need.

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.” -Nicole Snow

A salute to all the businesses, small or big, out there that are making a difference to this world ?.