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“If you do something every day, it’s a System. If you’re waiting to achieve it someday in the future, it’s a Goal.” – Scott Adams


Goals vs. System:

When you think of growing, the first thing that you do is – set Goals. A common mistake is to focus on these Goals rather than the System you apply to achieve them. Goals are the end result, while systems are the processes that you follow regularly with discipline that leads you to achievement of your goals. Somewhere along the line you deviate from the System that prevents you from achieving your goals, even though you are focused – on your Goals.

Focusing on Goals becomes counterproductive. So if you ignored your Goals and focused on your System for achieving these Goals, would that produce results? Obviously, yes!

Learning from the Corona-virus:

If you examine the Corona-virus, it has developed a robust System of multiplying and growing (see image below):

It follows this System rigorously and with discipline – no matter what! We all are witness to the fact that despite multiple hurdles in the form of lock-downs, improved hygiene, social distancing, personal protective equipment, etc. the Corona-virus keeps spreading and growing. Nothing can stop it – just because it follows a very good System.

Refer to the growth path of Corona-virus, a phenomenon of growth that can only be seen in businesses that have robust Systems:

This is the most important thing to learn from the Corona-virus:

If you have developed a robust System and you follow it with discipline, you are going to achieve your goals either way. Corona-virus does not have goals, still it is growing. Once you have a good System in place, Goals become secondary!

As Scott Adams says: “If you study people who succeed, you will see that most of them follow Systems, not Goals.”

What can you apply from this learning?:

The questions that you need to ask yourself today are:

  • How do I create a robust System?
  • How do I implement this System in my Company to get things done?
  • How disciplined is my team in following the System?

What would be your strategy for growth? Comment below.