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Entrepreneurs who are visionary and aspire to enhance the lives of people, inspire us. We as Business Consultants get them organized, make them rise above their limitations and transcend to liberation.

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Business Consultants & Management Consultants in Mumbai, India

We enable companies in their endeavour to become large Corporations.

We hire the best talent and invest in development of their knowledge, capabilities and skills. These talented individuals are deployed at our clients as business consultants or management consultants to solve their problems. Our focus is on implementing the systems and processes, not just recommending.

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Transform your business

Lets collaborate to organise your business and unleash its growth potential. Discover how systems and processes can transform your business. Our team of best management consultants are eager to work with you to help you in achievement of your objectives.

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Experience true increase in business performance. Take a look at some case studies on how our management consultants have helped clients achieve excellence in their businesses.

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Ecosystem for Growth

As Business Consultants, value addition to our clients is at the core of our services. We design the entire ecosystem for growth. We have the blue-print of an ideal organization. Our management consultants are client centric with absolute focus on client needs.

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Our Services

Implement robust workflows and standard processes in your business. Use Dashboard for data analytics and decision making.

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Upgrade your company with an ERP System. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Reduce cost and enhance employee performance.

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Evaluate effectiveness of internal controls. Develop a culture of continuous improvement.

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Feedback From Our Clients

We appreciate their excellent work conducted and express full confidence in their performance and timely completion of assignment.


The implementation went as planned and the output was very effective. We managed to improve the efficiency of our employees through this ERP implementation and I am confident it will help us grow to the next level.


We were blown away by the amazing advice that they gave to our company at periodic intervals.

VEIN CENTERDr. Saurabh Joshi

Thanks to their advice our client retention rate has improved drastically and overall we are a much better and confident team when dealing with our clients.


We hired them for our internal audit in 2017. They were also given the task to select and implement the right ERP System, process improvements and process automation. They are with us till date and they have implemented the ERP and streamlined the process much beyond our expectations.

FATEH RURALSarabjit Singh

Tienmo team did a fantastic job of understanding our business operations, clarifying and documenting business processes, and preparing for the ERP implementation. They brought business, operations and systems thinking together so we could proceed with clarity in what we really needed from our IT investment. They are our on-going Partners and valuable to building out our business long-term.


Recent Projects

Tienmo Consulting: Business consultants in India

We are a young and dynamic management consulting firm in Mumbai, providing leading and cutting-edge solutions to global clients. We serve multinational corporations, public institutions and startups to reach business visibility within their industry. We work together to integrate our strengths and implement recommendations, empowering our clients, colleagues, and community to achieve new heights every day.
We retain intensive business knowledge and functionality as we maintain our business practices and implement time-tested corporate culture and management techniques. As business consultants in India, we strive to enhance our clients’ business potential, image and profitability. Our impactful development strategies support all the stages of our client’s business, starting from ideation, perspectives and offerings.

Why hire management consultants?

Business consulting is a fast-growing service, and companies want to hire management consultants in India to overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals. Business consultants help enterprises with innovative and customised strategies to analyse business, achieve growth and improve productivity. Our implementable and relevant solutions are provided by industry experts, which brings about several benefits.

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We diagnose challenges faced by the company, build new strategies and opportunities, improve performance, innovative processes and products, support the existing staff, manage change and train employees.

Overview of our business consulting services

At Tienmo, we ensure that only qualified, trained and experienced professionals handle your business. Unlike other companies that only hire fresh MBA graduates with no business experience, our team members are experts in their respective domains.
While large business consulting firms come with a considerable price tag, you will find that independent agencies are backed by years of solid experience in a particular industry. As a result, they add higher value to your business through their expertise and only charge monthly, project basis or the hours of work provided. Due to our high-end and client-centric business model, we guide our clients through their journey. Our domains include marketing, finance, and organisations, operations, digital and information technology.

Why choose us?

If you are interested in starting or scaling up your business, you must hire business consultants in Mumbai. We have an experienced and qualified team who have the right strategies, along with industry experts that revamp your existing business strategies with practical advice. They build new systems, improve existing ones and arrive at the right decision to generate the correct value.

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If you face a business crisis, we have experts in business process optimization, ERP consultant,  internal audit services, human resources and legal to outperform your business. In addition, our risk management team foresees potential business risks and transformational procedures to boost human resources and money.

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