This elephant represents your business.


The stagnant growth of your business is a cause of concern for you.


When you try to push your business forward, it feels like a mammoth task.


When you use systems and processes to drive your business, this transition may make you anxious.


If you believe in it and be persistent, your business will excel.


Our Story

Tienmo was established in 2012 when the founders met entrepreneurs who had amazing businesses but could not scale up as they were unorganized. With an expertise in implementing systems and processes, the founders set out on a mission to work with these entrepreneurs in their journey to realize their vision to become large successful corporations.
Today, Tienmo is working hand-in-hand with forward thinking Entrepreneurs, implementing systems and processes to make them rise above their limitations and transcend to liberation.

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Take up a challenge.

To join us, you need to be passionate. We work hard and get to be part of interesting projects and produce amazing results. That said, we are also a fun loving and joyful team.

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