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What should we start doing?

With this question you are trying to understand the features or aspects that are missing in your product or services. You are asking your customers to tell you what you need to start doing in order to improve the experience of your customer. It could be simple things like make provide better quality packaging or include instructions for first time use. Or it could be more features expected from your product or service by your customers.

What should we stop doing?

With this question you are asking the customer to be critical about your product and services and tell you what all is wrong with it. The practices, features, actions that should NOT be a part of your product or services. For example, a customer may say that “you should stop making us fill up those forms when we visit your place before we take your service” or “reduce the number of options in your IVR system”. These are feedback about what part of your product or service irritates your customers.

What should we continue doing?

With this question you can find out what features are liked by your customers about your product or service or delivery. The customers want you to keep doing what your do. You can even try and make it better. For example, the customers may like the way you package your product, or that way your product is designed and how easy it is to hold and operate. With this you will find out what make your product or service popular among your customers.


Include these questions as a part of your feedback program. Here is an example of a feedback form we designed for a client.