To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

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Business Process Improvement

Upgrade your business processes with our smart workflow designs and policies that are benchmarked with best industry practices. Implement these through robust measurement and monitoring by our team.

Data Analytics

Data can reveal business insights that empower you to unlock your potential. Use our Data Analytics to change the way to make decisions and solve your business problems.

Data Analytics, Dashboard
Dashboard and MIS Designing

Dashboard and MIS Designing

Design dashboards and MIS that exhibit only the most critical information needed for decision making. Define Key Result Areas (KRAs) and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure its impact on business for immediate action.

Tienmo Consulting: Business process consultants in India

Industries have started to invest in business process consulting in the last couple of years, as they have anticipated the advancement in future management processes. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) refers to the analysis and redesign of the workflow in an enterprise. We formulate innovative ways to organise the workflow, people, tasks and leverage Information Technology (IT) software and systems to support the objectives and strategies in the organisation. BPR also strives to revamp the structured relationships between the management and employees in an interactive and process-oriented manner.
BPR enables the organisation to effectively deliver high-quality services to their clients, which positively impacts the budgets and expenses involved. Incremental process improvement initiatives emphasise limited alterations to the existing procedure without redefining the objective.

What is Business process improvement?

Business Process Management services (BPM) is defined as a regimented management methodology that provides end-to-end process visibility, control and understanding for effective communication in an enterprise. Our goals focus on leveraging a modified implementation technology, delivering combined information technology (IT) and business solutions, providing insights and recommendations, retaining both national and local resources.
Business process improvement does not have a set definition, but it refers to the review, analysis and enhancement of the existing business procedures. It involves identifying inefficiencies, evaluating the business process, redesign and implementing recommendations to reach the benchmark. Thus, companies achieve business strategies by aligning technology, support structures and resources to achieve competitive business outcomes.

Why is Business Process Management important?

It is essential to maintain an organised workflow, which in turn promotes long-term success. Organisational leaders use business process management to optimise their end-to-end business procedures, impacting improvements, products, services and business outcomes.
Business process consulting services effectively facilitates the procedure timing, removes negative stages and adopts advanced technology. In addition, it measures and modifies operational procedures to suit business requirements, improves staff productivity, coordinating workforce demands and applies IT developments.
Intelligent business process optimization procedures discover and eliminate wasteful steps from the workflow, improving time management and business growth productivity. As a result, you can quickly respond to emerging project changes and opportunities.

How do we help to improve your business process?

Business process improvement consultation evaluates the approach for the best return on investment. This is done with definition, documentation and modelling to prioritise opportunities and issues supporting the right roadmap development BPM strategy.
Our business process consulting services revolve around defining business processes, identifying and analysing improvement opportunities, evaluating business procedures, business process optimization, designing and developing future changes and their implementation. Using time-tested business process reengineering methods, we aid in its improvement and performance along with providing credentials.
Tienmo Consulting LLP use Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS) to optimise, model, adjust and manage business processes. We work with process-oriented issues like collaboration, visibility, and automation to eliminate the application siloes, people, and data that are not needed.

Overview of our services

Our Business Process Management services include business process mapping to understand the requirements and recommendations needed. This promotes process tracking, automation, accountability and productivity. The second step is to analyse the shortcomings, such as missed deadlines, product efficiency, time wastage and budget overload.
Work with employees to redefine long-term metrics, risk analysis and possible impacts. Then, implement these changes on a smaller scale for risk mitigation, obtain the best resources and communicate with the shareholders. In the end, keep monitoring till you are satisfied with the results.



1. Why should you use a business process consultant?

Business process consultants format business workflow and documentation into a repeatable process, along with evaluations and recommendations for effective business process managing results.

2. What Business Process Re-engineering methodology do you use?

We use the radical redesign of core business processes to enhance cycle time, quality and productivity.

3. What relevant industry and cross-industry experience does your team have?

In our fourteen years of experience, we have worked with retail, automation, manufacturing and marketing industries.

4. I’m a small business. Do I need to document and evaluate the business process?

Small and medium-sized companies create improved services using the existing resources, which includes eliminating negative steps. It aligns business processes with company goals while identifying and defining the steps to complete business tasks for consistent and effective results.

5. What problems does business consulting typically solve?

Business consulting solves problems such as budget overload, time wastage and product inefficiency – all of which lead to customer dissatisfaction.

6. Why hire Tienmo as your business process consultant?

The benefits of business process consultants are maintaining control over the workflow to eliminate disorders, efficient daily operations and processes, accomplish long-term and profitable objectives and embracing digital transformation using technology.

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