Ethnic Apparel Retailer Chain Stores



Services Provided:

Data Analytics and Dashboard

What We Did:

This Indian Ethnic Apparel Retailer had multiple stores across India. They had a team of merchandisers procuring from multiple suppliers from various parts of the country. The company’s management was struggling in controlling merchandise procurement in terms of budgetary controls and allocation between various categories of merchandise to be procured.

After a review of their existing MIS reporting system prepared for merchandising and brainstorming on management’s information needs for decision making, we implemented the following towards improving the merchandising decisions and improve budgetary controls:

  • A new data capturing system for recording procurement of merchandise on a real-time basis at various locations in the country.
  • A new MIS Reporting System and a Management Dashboard with real-time data for monitoring merchandise procurement.
  • KPIs for monitoring stock levels and triggers for action.

These were implemented by providing in-house training to the employees of the company and follow-up reviews were conducted to evaluate accuracy and effectiveness of the MIS reports and Dashboard after its implementation.